Jan 21, 2006

Interesting Quote

Interesting quote I stumbled across on Gilbert Kerrigan's blog. He couldn't remember the source and neither can I, but it has some great points worth considering.

The average member of the church of Christ has heard 4,000 sermons, sung 20,000 songs, participated in 8,000 public prayers...and converted zero sinners.

God never intended for Christianity to be church-building centered. The message from God in the New Testament is that he intends for us to go to the lost. Instead, our usual evangelistic program involves having a nice building and nice services to which the lost can come. And if they don’t come, they are not reached. If our church-building evangelism method could win America, it would already have done so.

Our problem is that we have become spiritually lethargic. We are like a car stuck in a snow drift - the wheels are spinning and the motor is racing, but there is no forward motion. Congregations have full calendars with lots of programs and activities but no forward direction that will keep the main thing the main thing - growth.

We have become indifferent. It doesn’t really matter to us that we are not growing. People are lost, and we are evangelistically inactive.

Perhaps the Devil learned a lesson from first century Christianity. Today he is not persecuting us; he is lulling us to sleep.


jettybetty said...


LEM'S Politics said...

We are just to busy saving our own soul to be concerned with other's
sad but I do believe it is true.

Thurman8er said...

I'm reading "A Generous Orthodoxy" by McLaren. He says he's not even sure if Jesus would BE a Christian.

What we do is so far off course from what he did. It's sad. The church must become more missional. We just aren't sure how because we've never actually seen it.

iggy said...

I have a friend that says that too many Christian try to act like a Christian... the issue...
Actors are fake. They are nto the real thing. one thing i know we need to change is be what and who we are in Christ. that way what we do is the outflow of WHo Jesus is and not us "trying to act" like something.