Jan 1, 2006

Having A Christian Attitude

As Christians we daily thank (or should thank) our Father for the many wonderful gifts He lavishes on us; yet we're often guilty a short time later of griping and complaining about the slightest inconveniences we perceive, or imagine, that seem to be messing up our lives.

Since Christians are God's representatives on earth, should we prowl around griping all the time about our government, fellow workers, jobs, financial situations, and especially our Christian brothers and sisters! God is in control, and we will never understand certain aspects of why bad things happen to us, our friends, or our country, but as Christians we must realize that the world is looking at us, and how we handle a situation may influence a person to follow Christ, or to deny Him.

Having a Christian attitude in public places is essential. If we gripe, groan, moan, and generally cause a disturbance if the waitress brings us a bloody hamburger (when it's usually not the waitresses fault, but the cooks) how does this impact those around us? Wouldn't it be better to smile and ask politely for a little more heat on the meat? Perhaps a person in hearing range of the incident is a person who needs Jesus; I doubt they will be interested in hearing anything we say if we're inconsiderate, rude, and fussy with our waitress. We need to understand that people watch those professing to be Christians very closely, and we should always strive to behave decently so that God is glorified at all times.

We show our faith in God by our actions. If we understand that He is in control of our lives, and that all blessings flow from Him, then we should be peaceful, gentle, and loving before the world so that others will see Christ in us, rather than the world in us.


LEM'S Politics said...

We should remember who we represent as Christians. And when it comes right down to it, It is always easier to be polite and meek in any situation even when you are sick or have an ache of some kind. I know what i'm talking about I have not always been the pussycat that I'am today. I was boss over drilling crews and roustabout crews in the oilfields of west Texas and New Mexico for many years when I made a living consulting in the oil patch. drilling and producing oil wells. but look at me now a kind even tempered GrandPa.I pray for help everyday.

Larry said...

We all have our bad days, we just need to have a lot more good days than bad... :)

Glad to see your still posting; for whatever reason, I thought you were retiring from this novel way of meeting people. Hope you continue your site.

David U said...

Great post brother! We had a situation here where a Christian coach got ejected from a High School basketball game.....what does that say to non-believers? I am going to blog about it within the next week, I hope! :)

God bless,

Hoots Musings said...

I have an ACU MOM sticker on my car, and that keeps me in line, when driving. No more middle finger salutes when a driver cuts me off in traffic.

Who would think such a small thing could do it?