Nov 9, 2006

final thoughts

There's always a final post...

It's time to head off in a different direction, and limit my time on the computer. I will continue reading and tossing out an occasional opinion on your blogs.

Thanks to everyone who took time to read my posts, and those who left so many great comments. I have been blessed to know you; I pray God will watch over you at all times.
For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

Nov 4, 2006

a sobering statistic

Living in an affluent society has a tendency to insulate us from the pain and hunger children experience every day in some parts of the world. God knows and loves every child, and surely as His children we are responsible (to the best of our ability) to make a difference in their lives. If we honestly proclaim Jesus as our Lord, and walk in His path, we can't ignore or side-step our obligation to help these children.

Lifeline of Hope, an international orphan aid & adoption organization, in their Nov 2006 Family Bulletin included this sobering statistic:
By the end of this day...and every day, thirty thousand children will be lost to disease, war, starvation, suicide, drugs and murder throughout our world. The saddest part of this heart-wrenching statistic is that each and every death is needless and preventable!
What else needs to be said!