Sep 25, 2005

Often The Footprints Seem Faint

Making a decision to follow Jesus is not a part-time commitment. Every day it's important to review our relationship with our Creator. Following Jesus requires daily rededication and renewed energy if we truly seek to pattern our lives after Him.

One day we're on-fire for Christ, and the next day we languish in a lukewarm melancholy state of affairs. Our human nature (more often then not) over-rides our heavenly nature, and often the path featuring the footprints of Jesus may seem shadowy at best.

Accepting Jesus is a complete change in our human nature; we should seek things of a heavenly nature with an eye to spending eternity with our Lord, not a longing for earthly treasures and personal ambitions. It's easy to understand what our relationship to God should be, but an altogether different scenario often hits us right between the eyes, clouding our determination to obey His will.

Anyone able to follow the Lord without running into a brick wall occasionally has my vote for Saint of the Year. The rest of us will just have to struggle daily, do the best we can, and have the guts and determination to reset our course when the wind is knocked out of our sails.

It is way too important for anyone to ignore the call of Jesus. We will make mistakes, run into walls, say and do the wrong things, but when we recall that Jesus died for us on the cross, and that His blood cleanses our every sin, we should have the faith and confidence to daily renew our dedication to be in obedience to His will.

Now I (great big capital "I") need to practice what I preach!


Thurman8er said...

How timely! Just yesterday I taught a lesson on discipleship. The focus was Jesus' honesty: If anyone wishes to follow me he must take up his cross. Disciples suffer...that's the road. But if we place our trust in Christ and Christ alone, and if we pledge to follow him all they way, salvation is ours.

There are alot of admirers of Jesus. I want to be a disciple.

jettybetty said...

Let's say you won't be voting for me for Saint of the Year--since I have collided with numerous brick walls this year--I will not be eligible.

Great post!!