Sep 11, 2005

God Works In Mysterious Ways

Strange how things that seem insignificant at the time can blossom into something really important. Case in point; as I was heading home from my early morning coffee shop routine I received a call from my son wanting me to have breakfast with him, so I found the first wide spot in the road and headed back down the hill to the cafe.

Just as I made my U-turn I noticed a little boy (about 18-months old) and his dog playing in the middle of the road where I had just passed a few seconds before. There was no homes nearby and this little barefoot boy clad only in a pampery-type thing, on a cold mountain morning was having the time of his life.

I stopped my pickup and coaxed him out of the road, but every time I tried to pick him up or get close to him the dog made threatening advances in my direction ..... what now! After managing to keep him out of the road for awhile, and finally realizing that no one seemed to be looking for the lad, I called 9-1-1 and reported the problem. While talking to the lady at 9-1-1, a pickup pulled up and an elderly gentlemen announced that he was the boy's grandfather, and what was I doing with his grandson. Excuse me!

Finally all ended well, and grandpa and grandson rode off into the hills. Evidently the boy slipped away from home while everyone else was asleep, and decided to follow his grandfather to town.

Guess I related all this because it just seems strange how something as insignificant as a cell phone call can have such important implications in a persons life. This little boy might have been found by his grandfather, but I kept him out of the road for at least ten minutes and who knows what might have happened to him if my plans had not been altered.

God works in mysterious ways, who knows!


jettybetty said...

Great story--I love the old hymn--"God moves in a mysterious way--His wonders to perform"--increases my faith when I get to see and understand a smidgeon of what He's doing! I think you must feel the same!


Thurman8er said...

Odd to think that sometimes WE are the angels watching over others. I love that God uses us that way.

Hoots Musings said...

Excellent story, and God used you mightly to protect that little boy.

Brian Burkett said...

Wow... that's pretty cool. Glad you were there to do the work of God in that boy's life.