Sep 3, 2005


Finally settled in my new home and enjoying sunsets, mountain views, and peace and quite. Having said that, I feel fortunate to even have a home, given all the loss of life and property damage suffered when Katrina ripped through Mississippi and Lousiana.

We often take a lot for granted and may not thank God as we should for all the daily blessings He showers on us. When tragedy strikes and puts us on our knees, we realize how fragile our lives are in this earthly existence, and the importance of walking hand-in-hand with our Creator.

Those desiring to help the victims of hurricane Katrina can specify a particular area of the Gulf Coast they would like to aid and send their gifts to:

Gateway Church of Christ
245 Brent Lane
Pensacola, FL 32503

Check John Dobbs blog for more information on how to help these unfortunate victims of Katrina.

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