Jul 18, 2005

Monster Lizards, And Believing A Lie

My dog was walking me today, and while rubber-necking in every direction I looked down just in time to see a huge lizard where my foot was about to land; leaping much higher into the air then an old man should, and punctuating the air with enough hollering to get the attention of other walkers, I sheepishly realized in mid-air the lizard was fake.

Too late! I had already made a fool of myself; nothing left to do but pick up the rubber lizard by the tail as if real, and heroically fling the monster into the brush before my audience had a chance to view the culprit. I believed a lie, and without thinking caused the curious crowd to buy into the "real" lizard thing as well.

Another example of believing a lie is the multitude of people who believe in all the UFO speculation. No amount of reason will change their minds, they are believing a lie (in my opinion,) yet many honestly believe they have witnessed alien aircraft, and some even believe they are victims of alien abductions. While I’m not from Missouri, I will have to see it before I believe it!

At this very moment all of us are believing a lie! Not purposely, but we actually believe something that is false, it makes sense to us, it’s logical, but it’s not true. It may be something our children have told us to keep them out of trouble; what a co-worker passed on to us in good faith, or what's reported on Fox News about some political shenanigans that contain a dab of truth and a bucket of fiction. Do we believe everything our government tells us, if so, we are believing a lie. Unfortunately as long as we endure life on earth we will be inundated by every conceivable lie.

Satan, being the master liar, continually fabricates lies in an attempt to separate us from our creator. As Christians we must always be alert to test whether something that appears good is actually from God, or like the fake lizard in my story, just another lie from Satan’s fertile mind.

Lies commingled with truth, and logical to our common sense are the toughest to ferret-out, and give us the most trouble. Often when we have time to test something it becomes apparent whether it’s a lie or the truth, but when something hits us in a flash, with no warning, we often believe a lie and fall into Satan’s snare.

Had I been more alert while walking, the fake lizard would have been easy to recognize, and I wouldn’t have made a fool of myself, but it caught me unaware, similar to how Satan prowls around and catches us when our defense is down; in our weakest moment.

Stay vigilant; beware of the wiles of Satan and monster lizards.


jettybetty said...

Like you say, it's not all that easy to see Satan's wiles in our lives, but we gotta keep looking out for those "fake lizards" he throws our way!


JP said...

Good stuff Larry, and its too easy at times to believe lies especially if its what we really want to believe. You really had me laughing as I visually pictured you jumping in the air and shrieking. Funny stuff.

JD said...

Satan's fake lizard factory never stops turning them out. And we never stop buying them. We often lie to ourselves as we self-medicate in various ways. Discerning truth from lies is only half the job. Being willing to reject the appealing lie for the rugged truth is a real test of our depth of faith. Great post, LV.

Thurman8er said...

I've been reading about some of those "lying spirits" in the Old Testament lately. Some of them were sent to do the lying by God Himself. Tough to figure.

Still...always a good idea to challenge the assumptions, eh?

iggy said...

good stuff there!
I have missed your blog.