Jul 1, 2005

Introductory Thoughts

After a few months hiatus from blogging I decided once again to throw out an occasional opinion.

Whether my thoughts are of any value is questionable, but the thinking/writing process involved in blogging is my justification to post. Pondering aloud is great therapy; why should I bottle up my thoughts when I can share the aggravation :)

Christianity, or the lack thereof, is the major theme of this site, and after spending most of my life in the paternalistic branch of the Church of Christ and finally escaping their traditional rules and regulations, I occasionally feel the urge to vent; thus, this blog.

Understand that my frustrations are not with the Lord's church, and certainly not with many other groups of the Church of Christ that are grace oriented, but with the "my way or the highway" group that believe they alone constitute the true church, and only they are infallible interpreters of God's word. This pharisaical attitude is totally unacceptable!

Your comments are appreciated; of course if you disagree with me your probably wrong :) See, I have spent way too many years associated with this group and now perfection has rubbed off on me.


JP said...

Well, Larry glad you are back. Looking forward to what you have to say. Email a brother back will ya?

Larry said...

Thought I would give it another try, for awhile at least!

This time around will be a little less time consuming....I hope.

Good to hear from you, and there is still plenty of blog room on the Internet, so jump in when the time is right.

JP said...

Hey Larry, have you been getting the emails I sent you, I've been using the address that you sent me that picture with.