Jul 2, 2005

Am I A Sunday Morning Lukewarm Pew-warmer?

JD Out Here Hope Remains posted an excellent article concerning the church, and our relationship to it. This sparked a deep need to re-examine my attitudes; the following questions leaped to mind:

Does the church where I assemble satisfy the expectations God has envisioned for her? If not, where does it fall short, and what can I do as a member of that specific congregation to realign it with Gods vision?

Is God satisfied with me as a member of the body of Christ, or am I basically a Sunday morning lukewarm pew-warmer?

Is my salvation guaranteed just because I attend church and rub shoulders with other Christians? Am I saved by osmosis; just being around Gods people?

If my neighbors who I have known for twenty years never become Christians because I never mentioned Christ to them, am I doing my duty as a Christian?

How dependent on God am I? If the church is paramount in my life why do I worry so much about earthly matters? If I am truly a child of God how often do I shoulder the cross of Jesus in my daily walk?

These questions represent only a few basic thoughts that we need to address in our relationship to God. Thanks JD for the challenge!


jettybetty said...

Welcome back!!

You start out with pretty easy questions here, but the last ones are much more convicting. (ouch)



JD said...

Tough questions ... but a bigger question ... Do We Want To Answer Them? Well...I don't know. But I hope we all will ... painful as it could be ... but there is joy to be found on the way to releasing the Kingdom.

iggy said...

I missed you man!

great questions.....

Grace to me is Love in action.

Without the Grace, we can love all we want.... only to find we loved no one.

One can also find himself going nutz thinking of all the things we need to do in this world..... the lives that are in great need.

Grace, is resting in the works of Christ.... to accept that we can not meet these needs.... only God Himself can. but how?
Through us....by His Life which is full of Grace and Truth.

Funny, that on one side of grace it is works, on the the other is is Christ's works through us.

I see it is by Grace we all do not warm a pew.

It is by Grace we can do anything real for the Kingdom.