Mar 24, 2007

Playing with Religious Toys

Often people plaster big ugly labels on our religious foreheads based on how they perceive we interpret scripture. Unfortunately, we're often mislabeled, and doomed to walk around sporting false labels when they don't represent what we actually believe. The quirky characterizations in the list below spotlights how some in the Church of Christ play with their toys; sadly enough, these one-liners present a lot of truth.

The following list, swiped at Sadistic Desire, provides humorous insight into what other people think we believe:

  • Voodoo - "Let me borrow that doll for a second..."
  • Confucianism - "Once a toy is dipped in water, it is no longer dry"
  • Capitalism - "He who dies with the most toys, wins"
  • Hari Krishna - "He who plays with the most toys, wins"
  • Judaism - "He who buys the most toys at the lowest price, wins"
  • Catholicism - "He who denies himself the most toys, wins"
  • Anglican - "They were our toys first"
  • Greek Orthodox - "No, they were OURS first"
  • Branch Davidians - "He who dies playing with the biggest toys, wins"
  • Mormonism - "Every boy may have as many toys as he wants"
  • 7th Day Adventists - "He who plays with his toys on Saturday, loses"
  • Amish - "Toys with batteries are surely a sin"
  • Church of Christ - "He whose toys make music, loses"
  • Baptist - "Once played, always played"
  • Church of Christ, Scientist - "We are the toys"
  • Jehovah's Witnesses - "He who 'places' the most toys door-to-door, wins"
  • Non-Denominationalism - "Does it really matter where the toys came from?"
  • Communism - "Everyone gets the same number of toys"
  • Hedonism - "Hang the rule book! Let's play!"
  • Atheism - "There is no toy maker"
  • Polytheism - "There are many toy makers"
  • Evolutionism - "The toys made themselves"


Laymond said...

Larry out on all the idiosyncrasies the CoC has it is strange why music was picked to represent "our toy" why was it because we have made it so.

This thing has been so over blown that it has taken on a life of it's own, a determining factor whether worship is really worship. It has gotten so crazy that a friend of mine who I do discuss things vigorsly with has said in a rescent post. A musical instrument is an inanament object and can not worship. therefore we cannot use instruments in worship. Think about what he said (Because he wont) does that also mean no bibles, song books, how about the bread and wine? are any of these things living spirits?

Milly said...

First of all Heh!

It is sad that some members of the CoC have put things that aren't in the Bible in to the church.

Keep the faith bros!

timeless said...

It's the old, "Well, the BIBLE doesn't say anything about it...ergo, it must be a sin! That we are to believe such-and-such because the Bible is "silent" on said issue. Uh other words, if Jesus or Paul didn't condone it in writing, well, it MUST be a sin. But then, it'll be OK...a MAJORITY of believers use instruments as an adjunct to singing praises, hymns, songs of worship, to give HIM praise. How can he NOT love this offering. A Cappella has it's place...there's nothing more lovely, but...there's a BIG band/orchestra in the heaven, and it's music we can't even imagine as to its beauty. And its offering is a sweet incense to our Master.

There Were No pianos, organs, brass, string sections in Jesus' time...but they had instruments. The Lyre and Lute maybe...the early forms of the recorder maybe...the harp, for goodness sake...Did the Lord refuse David's music as he sung and played? they had Tamborines...we know that.

When will our church families finally figure it out??? (MORE ZOE PLEASE!!!)

JP Manzi said...

Where ya been Larry, missing your posts.