Feb 20, 2007

once more with gusto

After a three-month hiatus since my "There's always a final post" statement, and missing the astute comments from my brilliant blog friends, I have once again decided to leap in with both feet, and drag my old occasional opinion blog back into the public arena.

This blog continues to see the need (even if with a small voice) to question the dangerous human traditions that continue to swirl around many in the Church of Christ separating them from not only other groups spawned within the Restoration Movement, but from other believers in Jesus as well. Thankfully, an ever increasing number in the COC realize they have brothers and sisters outside their little groups, and work overtime to extend their hands in fellowship to those once considered too imperfect to wear His name.

As always feel free to comment; our opinions will often differ, but hopefully not our dedication to follow Jesus faithfully.


laymond said...

Glad to welcome you back, friend

Milly said...

Welcome Home!

Paula Harrington said...

Just found your blog. Looking forward to seeing if we agree or not ;)



timeless said...

Missed you, cuz!! Thanks again for tuning me in to Al Maxey's, Reflections. Hope all is well...I'll get caught up the old-fashioned way soon...a real PHONE call!