Jun 30, 2006

summertime hiatus

Summertime = less posting + more time to hang around the lake with my trusty hound dog.


Pastor Josh said...

You have lakes in California?

L.E.Meredith said...

Enjoy your down time, but I expect to see you back after a rest. :)

Larry said...

pastor josh...
Not just lakes, but beautiful signatures of God. :)

Where I live it's not Lake Arrowhead, or Tahoe, but lots of water, good fishing, and neat places to loaf...what else could a bum like me hope for!

Larry said...

It's good occasionally to back off a bit in order to get a little better perspective. Hope to be back soon, regardless, I will continue to check out my friends blogs and comment at times.

preacherman said...

I don't have a hound dog but I've got a border collie. Enjoy reading your blog.
Loved your post about your discussion with the pentecostal preacher.
I think the COC does take those passages out of context to justify what they think or have been falsely taught. I think COC should make a difference in the community and let people see that we are not as wierd as what some have portrayed in the past.
Thanks for your blog.
Enjoy it.
Enjoy your relaxing time and if you have time, stop by my blog. I would love for you to comment on my questions about freedom in Christ and legalism.
Thanks again and God bless.

Larry said...

Thanks for dropping by.

It's difficult to realize how suspicious some conservative Churches of Christ are of those outside their church unless you are, or have been, a part of that group.

We can change our image in the community by individual efforts to extend our hand in fellowship to those we may differ with scripturally, but as Christians still love.

Lee Hodges said...

Enjoy your down time. Catch a big one for me.

jettybetty said...

Have fun--sounds great!

Danny Kaye said...

Envy is a sin
Envy is a sin
Envy is a sin
Envy is a sin
Envy is a sin
Envy is a sin
Envy is a sin

Ok...now that that's out of the way, have a fantastic time.
May only the big bass be bitin'!