Feb 24, 2006

billy gates hates my blog

For those unfortunate enough to stumble onto my blog using Bill Gates (IE) browser, I apologize; it's really a mess! Works fine with Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers, but completely haywire (for whatever reason) when Mr Gates decides to enter.

Shame! shame! shame! you should be using Firefox in the first place. I'm hoping to hang on until Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 is released; then it should render web pages a little better, unless this site is messed up beyond repair.

Wouldn't hurt to change my blog title as well; too many hits on Google for "the occasional opinion" that refer to everything in the world except this blog. Didn't know it was such a popular combination of words until lately. Enough shop talk.

1 comment:

jettybetty said...

I use Firefox--so you look great to me!

I was concerned why some of the blogs I read look so wierd--and my son told me they were formatted for IE or something.

LOL--I bet you do get lots of google hits! Hopefully someone reads what they google--you could point them right to Jesus!